Secret Stash

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WARNING, this story contains explicit sexual acts between consenting adults. This book is intended for mature audiences only. If you are under 18 DO NOT read this book!

When Tim shows his buddies at college what he’s found in his mom’s room, their 19-year old desires are met. 4 erotica short stories follow, and the boys decide they’ll have to meet up at after their lectures each day for their dirty dream hour!

4 Erotica Short Stories: 7,750 Words, Approximately 22 Pages

  • Turning a Dinner Date Around: When Tara and James don’t hit it off, they think the night is over. Little do they know that it’s just the beginning of a hot and steamy love fest.
  • Dreams on the Beach: It can be lonely in Mexico, especially when a girl’s on vacation by herself. Will thoughts of her old flame get her by, or does she need something a little harder to think on?
  • The Old Man Made Three: Julie’s a clean-cut girl, but she has desires too. When a hot guy in a Jaguar passes by, Julie’s night becomes all she’s ever wanted, and more!
  • The Business Trip from Heaven…And Hell!: Martina has the average life of a housewife. Thankfully her business job keeps her moving about. But when things get kinky in Zurich, her fear of bondage will have to take a backseat to her desire for hot pleasure!

***Here’s a Naughty Sample Just for You***

We had a couple of drinks, me sangria and Brad whiskey. We laughed and talked for almost an hour before he made his move. He started kissing me on the neck, but I pushed him away, although I liked it very much.

“What’s the matter, don’t you like this? Don’t you wanna play?” he asked me.

I was speechless. Maybe because the sangria was working or maybe because I really needed to get laid, I got up the nerve to ask what I really wanted.

“But, where can we play?”

Brad took me by the hand and led me trough the hallway of the bar into a large and dark room in the back. Inside there was only a bed, an old TV, and several dusty boxes lined up against the wall. He started kissing me again on the neck and touching me softly with his firm hands. I took his…

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