Shameless (The Contemporary Collection)

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Whispers, lurid gossip, rampant suspicion — Camilla and Reid give their small town neighbors something to talk about…

It’s been years since Camilla saw Reid Sayers, her accepted blood enemy in a local feud going back generations. She barely recognizes the warrior who returns to their small town, an ex-military, multi-decorated hero with pain in his eyes. But the battle between them has just begun.

A takeover bid is pending for the local paper mill. Camilla swears to stop the sale, rallying the town behind her on environmental issues. Reid, as operating owner, is concerned for the workers. Added to the mix is Camilla’s almost ex-husband who wants her back — mainly because he believes a loophole in the law may make her the beneficiary of millions from the buyout.

But hate and love are close kin, and daytime combat between Reid and Camilla gives way to nighttime desire. That is, until Camilla’s estranged husband turns up dead. As the town erupts with gossip about the convenience of his passing, she and Reid are faced with a choice. They can join forces to unmask the killer — or allow the murderer to drive them apart forever.

  • Doubleday Book Club Featured Selection, Literary Guild Alternate Selection
  • Best Contemporary Romance Award, Affaire de Coeur, 1993
  • Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, Best Contemporary 1993-1994

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