How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money

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Have you ever thought that one day you’d like to learn how to start a travel blog?

What do you think is stopping you?

Is it because the idea appears to align with your personality and the lifestyle you want to create, but the processes remain mysterious and ever-so-slightly out of your reach?

Is it because, although you’re not exactly sure what goes into it yet, you suspect the work involved is monumental and not feasible in your current situation and circumstances?

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money is for busy people who love to travel and want to make good money from their passion. This Amazon bestseller doesn’t patronise by telling you why you should start a travel blog. It assumes deep down you already know the answer to this.

But it does dispel the myths you’ve been fed about how unattainable making money from travel blogging is. It does require work, but with the head-start this book will give you, it won’t take long to start making money from writing about your travels.

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money provides you with the practical skills you need to start a travel blog and earn an income from it. It also shows you exactly how you can earn a substantial living by getting paid to travel blog for others.

These two aspects of travel blogging are taught within a framework of creating the right mind-set. You need to let go of the beliefs of other people – the ‘naysaysers’ – the people who don’t want to live a life of travel, freedom and flexibility, but who feel obliged to comment on your decision to do so.

The rest is sound and considered application of your new skills.

You can make money from travel blogging – How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money will show you exactly how to do it.

This is the Kindle version of How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money that you can also download and read on your computer and mobile phone. Kindle books are DRM protected and therefore, unlike ebooks that are in PDF or ePUB format, you cannot read this ebook without the official Kindle apps.