STEALING FROM BERGDORF’S: And Other Fine Establishments: True Tales From An Undercover-For-Hire

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Stealing From Bergdorf’s are true tales from Frank M. Ahearn and his days as an undercover-for-hire. It is an exciting, interesting and strangely humorous journey into the world of human manipulation and fine thievery.

Written by Frank M. Ahearn a skip tracer, privacy expert and author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing, How to Disappear From Big Brother, The Digital Hit Man and The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace.

Frank spent much of his career as a skip tracer locating people who did not want to be found. However, his real expertise was social engineering and pretext. He was a master at extracting private information from private companies. In a gray market world, he was the go-to-guy for phone records, bank records, credit card records, travel history and anything else you could afford. With the laws changing and the heat on Frank knew it was time to walk away from the information business. He jumped ship when he met a corporate whistle blower needing to disappear.

Frank’s introduction into the investigative world came in his early twenties when he began working as an undercover-for hire. He was placed in retail stores and warehouses as an employee to catch dishonest workers. His job was to become friends with the employees and create a ring of thieves who would supply stolen merchandise. Ultimately they would be taken down by the very hand that feeds.

Step-by-step Frank shares his true tales of loading up suitcases of merchandise, going on cold buys, convincing a whole warehouse of employees to steal and sell him the goods. His favorite case came under the roof of the famed Bergdorf Goodman, where Frank was buying Valentino skirts, Bob Mackey ball gowns and other high brand merchandise. He knew his undercover-for-hire days were coming to an end when his cover was blown and he was trapped in a bar in Pittsburgh.

Stealing From Bergdorf’s is a journey of befriending, betrayal, entrapping and not becoming the private investigator Frank wanted to become. Yet and most important, Stealing From Bergdorf’s is a lesson in trust.

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