Stephen Curry: Splash: The Life Story and Life Lessons of Stephen Curry

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What exactly will I read about?

  • Valuable character traits Stephen Curry lives by
  • Steph’s childhood years
  • Behind the scenes look at Steph’s insane training regimen
  • Steph’s college recruiting process
  • Steph’s college career at Davidson
  • A season by season outlook of Curry’s NBA career
  • 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • Stephen Curry’s preparation and humility

What questions will be answered?

  • How did Steph overcome his ankle injury?
  • What is the Nothing But Nets campaign Steph started?
  • What kind of impact did Steph have on Under Armour’s basketball brand?
  • How much weight can Curry deadlift?
  • What did NBA scouts criticize Curry for as he was entering the draft?

Bonus Section

  • How Stephen Curry is revolutionizing the game of basketball

Here is a short excerpt to get you started:

June 16 2015 – With 10.6 seconds left in Game Six of the NBA finals, Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ star point guard, smiles and raises his hands in triumph.

The Warriors have claimed the franchise’s second only championship, on the road no less, and coming over to give him a congratulatory hug is basketball’s “King:” Cleveland Cavalier’s LeBron James, who single-handedly had to battle Curry’s Warriors because of injuries to two of Cleveland’s top players.

The game, and the series, was a coming-out party for the “baby-faced assassin,” Curry. He became the first Warrior to be named the regular season MVP since Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain, and had broken his own record for three pointers in the regular season. He also shattered Reggie Miller’s playoff record after just the second playoff series, and his record of 98 three-pointers cleared Miller’s by a staggering 40 made shots.

Curry more than did his part in defeating the King and his Cavaliers in the series, as he led the Warriors in scoring, with 26 points per game; and assists, with 6 per game. In his triumphant return to a city just a half hour’s drive from where he was born, in Akron, the Warriors’ Number 30 stood at the top of the basketball world – and left people wondering, if at 26 years old, how much more he could achieve.

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