Success Code: My Story of Discovering What Really Works in Life and Business (Success, Motivation, Happiness)

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On his quest to find the key elements behind success in modern world, author spent 14 years studying and examining diverse success strategies. After going through several phases of success & failure and examining the reason behind it, he found some ideas and concepts to be non-negotiable. They played a very significant role in determining whether our efforts will bear fruit or not. Success Code is a collection of these marked pieces of information. This book will introduce you to a practical, reality-based program designed to shatter all hurdles and lead you towards your dream life.

You are now holding a key to your better future!

Some of the secrets to success you will learn inside:

– How to make a fresh start right now?

– How to preserve your focus and protect it against everyday distractions?

– Learn how small shifts in your behavior can create BIG changes in your life?

– How to develop a success mindset? The deciding factor behind success and failure.

– Research proven: A secret ingredient which makes up 85% of the success in life.

– How to create and define your vision (Step-by-step)?

– A “step-by-step” process for figuring out solution of ANY problem you come across.

– How we create and strengthen our mental beliefs?

– How your negative beliefs BLOCK you from success and what to do about it?

– 3 powerful ways to find and eliminate your negative beliefs?

– A step-by-step procedure to strengthen positive beliefs in your mind.

– 4 step guide for creating extremely effective plans.

– How to take an ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ and turn it into a real world application?

– Why a BLUEPRINT PLAN gives you an edge over regular, everyday planning?

– A step-by-step process to identify which information is useful and which to ignore.

– What to do when you are over-burdened with work?

– The best exercises to completely destroy the habit of procrastination?

– How to think about ‘mistakes’?

– How to achieve your goals three times faster…? (An inspiring success story)

– A step-by-step guide to start taking action even if you feel ‘unprepared’.

– My proven method for maintaining great mood and energy while working hard?

– What to do when your work feels overwhelming?

– How to NEVER let big projects and goals shake your confidence?

– What to do when you are not in the mood to take action?

– A simple, everyday exercise to build your willpower and discipline…

– 7 part guide on how to take MASSIVE action and become unstoppable!

– How to end your “excuse making” habit FOREVER?

– 4 best techniques to BOOST your motivation levels through the roof!

– 3 success rituals used by celebrities to increase their motivation.

– How to not waste time & get distracted?

– How to use your free time in the best possible manner.

– How reading best success books can imprint “success” on your subconscious mind?

– How to FULLY overcome your fear of failure & rejection?

– How to become comfortable in situations that make you nervous?

– An easy technique to reduce the intensity of fear overnight.

– How to use Mental Practice – a technique proven by science – to perform at your best?

– What makes top 1% achievers of the society different from rest of us?

– 3 scientifically proven techniques to develop habit of persistence.

– Learn secrets of the great achievers and how to be successful yourself.

– How to direct your focus and energy like a laser beam and cut through obstacles blocking your success path?

– Learn how to develop a success attitude and persist when confronted with failures & setbacks?

– Find out how to turn around rejections & failures so that they HELP you reach your goal faster.

– The single BIGGEST realization that will eliminate the whole idea of failure from your mind.

And we have just scratched the surface. There’s much more inside the book!

“If we encounter a man with rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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