A Sweet and Spicy Kind Of Love

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Julian Chambers was cold, sullen and fond of perpetual frowns and bad moods.

But he had a reason to be.

His loving mother had passed away when he was but a boy and his father, Lionel Chambers, was cold, overbearing and ran Templeton Manor like a drill sergeant.

Lionel wants to do the same to his son, so he searches for the “perfect woman” to grace the walls of the ancestral home and provide an heir to the Chambers legacy.

A “perfect woman” he can also control.

The only fly in the ointment to his father’s plan is Julian himself. The boy just wouldn’t play ball and kept getting wrapped up with a red head “clumsy oaf” named Molly Makepeace.

Molly is a charming girl, of high values and morals and her love of Julian has never wavered over the years.

Even when he ignored her, yelled at her or left her an emotional wreck, her heart refused to beat for anyone else.

So Molly took matters into her own hands by entering the town’s chili competition with one thought in mind: Get Julian’s attention once and for all and make him see her as a woman and not a nuisance.

Will her unorthodox plan win her the man of her dreams, or will she lose the chance to redeem what’s left of his heart?

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