Texas Homecoming (Texas Brand Series Bonus Books)

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“Maggie Shayne is a reader’s joy!” NY Times Bestselling Author, Teresa Medeiros


Luke Brand wishes for what he’s never had–family. Aside from an overprotective mother who died young, he’s never had that–until he drives his rig into Quinn, Texas to meet the family he’s never known. His cousins welcome him with open arms. 3 months later he’s still there, selling his semi to buy an abandoned house for back taxes, dreaming of settling down with a wholesome woman and raising some kids of his own.


Jasmine is not wholesome. She’s a waitress and sometimes exotic dancer at a Chicago club. A classically trained dancer, Jasmine doesn’t mind doing what she has to. It’s all for her son, Baxter. She’d do anything to protect him from the world.


When Baxter witnesses a murder at the club and becomes a target himself, Jasmine takes him and runs. Posing as her best friend, shot dead by the same killer who’s after Bax, she heads for Texas to hole up in the house her roomie inherited but wanted no part of. The only problem with her plan is the sexy cowboy who’s already living there.

Fans of movies like Hope Floats, Sweet Home Alabama, and The Cowboy Way and novels like Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series will love Maggie Shayne’s TEXAS BRANDS.

“Maggie Shayne delivers romance with sweeping intensity and bewitching passion!” Multiple NY Times Bestselling Author, Jayne Anne Krentz

“Maggie Shayne is better than chocolate!” NY Times Bestselling Author Suzanne Forster

Maggie Shayne’s TEXAS BRAND Series List:

The Littlest Cowboy

Badlands Bad Boy

The Baddest Virgin in Texas

The Husband She Couldn’t Remember

The Outlaw Bride

The Baddest Bride in Texas


Texas Homecoming (formerly The Homecoming)

Texas Guardian (formerly That Mysterious Texas Brand Man)

Texas Angel (formerly Angel Meets the BadMan)

Maggie Shayne’s OKLAHOMA ALL-GIRL BRAND Series List:

The Brands Who Came for Christmas

Brand New Heartache

Secrets and Lies

Sweet Home Oklahoma (formerly Feels Like Home)

Oklahoma Danger (formerly Dangerous Lover)

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