The Game Changer: 10 Defining Moments That Changed Lives

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There are moments in all of our lives that cause many of us to feel tired and pushed into a corner, as if nothing is going the way we hoped. There are many of these moments that we may not appreciate at the time, but these are also the exact moments that make us stronger. These are the times that force us to take a leap of faith, to take a bold action that could change our lives and the lives of many people around us.

This book started out as a simple writing project for each of the authors, but resulted in many life-changing transformations for the people involved. Not just the authors, but their families, our reviewers, editors, and readers.

This book features 10 amazing stories of people, who at some point, felt hopeless, broken, and out of ideas to fix their problems. Yet, it was during these very moments that they all made a bold decision and embarked on a life-altering action. These are all real stories, of real people, going through real problems and making big changes.

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