The Gardener

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Adam lives alone and he’s doing everything he can to keep it that way. “I prefer plants to people,” he tells his only friend, Donna. “It’s just the way I am. No offense.” An accountant by day, he spends his free time tending his impressive garden and reading grim 19th century novels from his private library. His cautious, predictable life is governed by a set of sensible rules, just the way he likes it.

One winter day a young man shows up to ask about the apartment for rent above the garage. Adam quickly decides that Sam is not a suitable applicant, no matter how polite and attractive he is. He’s too young, and a waiter – unacceptable! Unless, just once, Adam bends his rules. How bad could it be? After all, Adam would never let things get out of control.

What follows is a humorous 600-page emotional roller coaster involving social awkwardness, horticulture, flirting, classic literature, office politics, blasphemy, a southern lady, pickup trucks, antiques, dish washing, sex, homophobia, a stern Scotswoman, good food, arson, the police, sex, psychotherapy, a renovation project, accounting, and a guy who calls everyone “dude.” Did I mention murder? And sex? And what about that handsome guy at the office who compliments Adam’s neckties? What does he want?

Nope . . . Adam would never lose control of his life!

(M/M romance – depicts sexual activity between men)

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