The Pharaoh and the Curator: A Paranormal Erotic Tale

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A paranormal romantic short story, unlucky in love museum curator Michelle Beaumont finds herself in Egypt where she contributes to god Amon Ra’s resurrection. His burning heat soon has her throwing caution to the desert winds, but a lurking danger threatens both of their souls.


Ra lifted his palm, movement awkward, as he struggled to maneuver in a human body after centuries in his god form. But muscle memory quickly returned, like it always did, along with his ability to adapt to the cadence of yet another new language. A second attempt allowed him to cup the silken cheek of his goddess. How strange to see her pale skin, to stare into her eyes, the startling blue of the desert skies. She’d never looked like this in any other incarnation. In each lifetime she’d been a dark beauty. Eyes deep bronze. Skin rich brown. Her hair black, like the life-giving silt left from the River Nile. Now his mate’s golden curls were the sun itself, streaming down her back and across his arms and chest. Glorious. With his free hand he squeezed her tall, lithe form tighter. Peace engulfed him.

No matter how different she looked, his ka, his soul, recognized hers.

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