The Promise of Redwood Cove – (Prequel – Redwood Cove Series)

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Introducing Redwood Cove

It’s the Spring Festival in Redwood Cove, with it’s outdoor grilled salmon dinners and local handmade crafters’ booths. As the town prepares for the celebration, the newcomers and townfolk alike share one relatively quiet day.

This short prequel introduces the characters in the other three books:

The Mermaid of Redwood Cove (Meaghan and Griffin)

The Beacon of Redwood Cove (Libby and Darren)

The Shaman of Redwood Cove (Crystal and Alex – and Ronnie)

About Redwood Cove

Redwood Cove is a fictitious small town on the far Northern California coast. The area seems to draw spirited creative types who are more comfortable in nature than in big cities. The stories of Redwood Cove are contemporary fiction that include romance with a slightly paranormal twist.

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