The Way of Innovation to The Art of Persuasion: The fastest way to master the most in-demand skill in the entire human history

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Persuasion is the primary and the ultimate goal of the human beings for all their social interactions. Its all about inculcating a deep conviction in the hearts and minds. It is a satisfaction that turns into the reaction that the persuader desires, It is the endeavor to attain an infinite compliance for the tens and tens of requests, offers, debates they go through on a daily basis. From the moment you try to persuade yourself to have five minutes more sleep in the morning, to passing a day full of received and transmitted persuasion, right back until you go back to sleep. Persuasion granted victories to armies and defeated others, uplifted nations, and diminished others. Persuasion is an extreme power you should never underestimate, and now the people need persuasion more than ever! The professional and social challenges of today’s life are exponentially increasing, and in proportion, the endeavor to success, excellence, and averting threats and dangers is continuously increasing.

This book presents a different approach to mastering persuasion and influence. The main focus is on how to use persuasion techniques in business issues, and after about ten years working in different business fields, I did notice that one of the most crucial elements of success and failure is encompassed in the ability to persuade others. This is the backbone of any successful business methods that represent almost 80% of the overall process. The rest is about planning, technical experience, and other factors.

This book is meant to be as simple as possible where I explain various techniques of persuasion that lead to a long-term influence. Many studies have scrutinized these techniques and proven their effectiveness, which would motivate the reader to understand and digest said techniques. In this book, I mean to place the targets and the techniques of persuasion in a collective, associative framework in order for your mind to fully understand how the whole process works. One of the problems of the training of persuasion, or to acquire it from various texts, is the multitude of persuasion methods and their lack of correlation with certain targets. The recipients’ minds often get distracted and tend to memorize some of these methods, while not realizing their effectiveness or how they actually work,. It results in lower concentration when practicing these methods and leads to less belief in the methods and abandons their practice.

The benefit you gain from this book is a specific plan and map that shows how to practice the persuasion process from the beginning until you reach the final target and not just unrelated scattered methods that do you no good. In addition to that, I refer to many psychological studies that focus on various disciplines, such as Social influence, Social Psychology, and Consumer Behavior. From all of that, I conclude the best and most powerful persuasion techniques easily mastered by practicing them in different circumstances. Then all you do is measure and refine the outcome until you reach the moment you have your best performance under wraps!

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