Tightly Wound, Loosely Bound:The Memoir of a Life Bipolar

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Since I was a young boy, I always had inklings that my cognition wasn’t correct. Nowhere within my vanity did I fathom that I had bipolar disorder. Despite feeling like I was sitting on top of my world, my world had slowly rolled over on top of me. Please join me on my tumultuous, painful and oddly humorous journey from Yale to jail…and back again.

Tightly Wound, Loosely Bound: The Memoir of a Life Bipolar is the multi-faceted true life memoir of a highly trained professional pharmacist with a mental health and psychological disorder that afflicts more than four and a half million men, women and children in America. Add to that their families, friends, employers, caretakers and clinicians, and that number soars to over fifteen million people. It’s also one of the least understood, and quickly growing psychiatric dilemmas in our society.

Occasionally, there comes a life whose journey covers a broad spectrum of the human condition; it’s a life comedic, tragic, yet compelling. On the playing field, in the classroom and in the business world he appeared to be a success. Internally, however, there churned the inexplicable workings of a mysterious illness. It began without his knowing it, and without his consent. He became a mystery to friends, family, business associates, the world at large, and many times to the police. But never was he a greater mystery to anyone then he was to himself.

With a conversational presentation and compelling content, this book is entertaining and at times humorous, yet educational. Its unique format will strike nerves, funny bones, and open – while occasionally moistening – the eyes of anyone who reads it. This book also includes a special Frequently Asked Questions section on bipolar disorder.

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