Trapped in Whittier (A Trent Walker Supernatural Thriller Book 1)

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When mentalist Trent Walker visits Whittier, Alaska, he enjoys the glacier cruise, but he likes the beautiful barista he meets even more. The two of them hit it off, but when time starts to fly a little too fast, he ends up missing his last chance to get out of town for the evening.

He goes looking for her to ask if he can crash at her place, but he’s stunned by what he finds—the basement of her apartment building is filled with metal cages. And in those cages, on the night of the full moon, the townspeople of Whittier struggle, naked, like wild animals to break free.

When someone opens the cages and releases the residents, Trent’s forced to fight for his life and must uncover the secrets of the town’s dark past while using all his cunning as a mentalist to survive the night.

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Trapped in Whittier: Prologue

The man shifted uncomfortably in the fold-up metal chair. He had done this before. They all had. But he had never gotten used to it.

The growling. The snapping of the teeth. The shaking of the cages in the dimly lit room. He knew the bars were strong enough to hold them—that there was no way for them to escape, but it unnerved him to think of what they would do to him and anyone else who got in their way, if they did.

None of them had gotten loose before, but the Elder had made a special point of warning him this time—told him to stay vigilant—that there might be trouble coming their way. Maybe not this month, but soon.

The man turned his head from the cages, calmed his breathing, and tried to will his heart to beat slower. He reached into his pocket, found the little oval pill, and dry swallowed it.

Maybe it would also help if he changed his way of looking at the situation. He wasn’t their warden. He was caring for them and making sure they survived another full moon.

That made him feel a little better. But he still wished this could be done another way. These were his friends. His neighbors. His family.

But until the morning came, they were also dangerous and had to be treated that way.

Tonight, they were no longer humans.

Tonight, they were animals.

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