Trash To Treasure (3rd Edition): 90 Crafts That Will Reuse Old Junk To Make New & Usable Treasures!

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Trash To Treasure: Discover 90 Ways You Can Turn Old Trash & Junk Into NEW Treasures You Will Use & LOVE!

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From the Best Selling Arts & Crafts writer, Kitty Moore, comes Trash To Treasure: 90 Crafts That Will Reuse Old Junk To Make New & Usable Treasures! This book will show you 90 ways to take your old trash and create wonderful, new treasures with it. You will use these treasures forever, or you can completely redecorate and refresh your home!

Do you have a bunch of junk hanging around that you have no purpose for?

Do you want to spruce up your home or redecorate it?

Or if the idea of receiving a full list of ready-to-go upcycling crafts appeals to you…


Some of these “Trash To Treasure” crafts you will receive in this book include:

Dresser Into A Child’s Dress-up Box

Make A New Wine Bar

Dresser Into A Kitchen Island

How to Design Your Own Shoe Cabinet

Cans And Wood Into A Silverware Holder

Liquor Bottles Into Tiki Torches

Cardboard Box Into A Play Oven

Old Window Into A Distressed Mirror

Garden Hose Into A Spring Wreath

Mason Jar Into A Vase

Tuna Cans Into A Candle Display

Old Bottle Into A Drinking Glass

Globe Into A Decorative Bowl

Old Porch Post Into Candle Holders

Old End Table Into A Dog Bed

Tank Top Into A Crop Top

Cheap Wire Trashcan Into a Rope Waste Paper Basket

Old Chairs Into A French Bench

Old Wooden Chair Into A Garden Plant Stand

Dining Room Chair Into A Tree Swing

Children’s Car Into Minnie Mouse Car

A Tire Into A Sandbox

Pipe Fittings Into Candle Holders

Wood Pallet Into A Decorative Letter

DIY Baby Picture Frame

Damaged Books Into A Picture Frame

T-shirt Into A Butterfly Twist Shirt

Well, what are you waiting for? Download YOUR copy TODAY!

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