Travels In Arizona – Colorado River Glen Canyon

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Approximately 260 pages and more than 250 photographs. The book is ENTIRELY pictorial.

One of the great things about being a photographer is that you frequently get to travel to wonderful places to take photographs. One of those wonderful places is the Colorado River at Glen Canyon. There’s nothing but cliffs, and what cliffs, the smallest is 700 feet high, the highest 1,200 feet, and all straight up! There are quite economic rafting tours that begin at Glen Canyon Dam and drift on the Colorado River the 16 miles to Lee’s Ferry, Arizona where Glen Canyon officially ends and the Grand Canyon officially begins. The author so enjoys the serene trip that he has taken it three times. The following photographs are the “documentation” from those trips, and almost all were taken from the raft.

The photographer currently has fine art photography on exhibit at The Center for Fine Arts in Globe, Arizona. In addition, the author is represented by more than a dozen agencies and all of these images have appeared in publications around the world.

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