Ultimate Guitar Chords, Scales & Arpeggios Handbook: 240-Lesson, Step-By-Step Guitar Guide, Beginner to Advanced Levels (Book & Videos)

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With over 400 lessons, guitar licks, exercises, and scales-over chords and chord theory concepts, this new edition book and video course, in an easy lesson format, is all you will ever need for learning guitar scales, chords, and arpeggios and how to apply them to make your playing more expressive and musical!

Damon Ferrante, guitar instructor and music professor, guides you through step-by-step lessons and streaming videos that will teach you guitar scales, chords, and arpeggios and how to use them in your guitar solos, licks, and music making. The lessons are designed to improve your guitar technique, musicality, understanding of music theory, and give your playing and songwriting more power, color and expressiveness.

Used by thousands of guitarists and teachers, this book and video course will take your guitar playing to a whole new level!

This new edition includes over 100 free bonus lessons that cover guitar licks and scales-over-chords concepts so that you can apply each scale in your playing.

No Music Reading is Necessary!

If you feel that you have been locked in the same patterns and scale shapes for years, unable to break out of the dull habits and licks you first learned as a beginner, this book and video course is for you!

You will learn how to apply the most commonly used chord, scale, and arpeggio forms in a musical manner, so that your solos, licks, and songwriting will be more creative, expressive, and colorful.

* Ultimate Guitar Handbook helps you get out of your rut and expand your playing throughout the guitar neck.

* It frees you to enliven your solos and songwriting with bold, new ideas

and techniques that will help create your personal style.

* This book and video course will supercharge your creativity and strengthen your understanding of music.

The book and videos cover the following materials:

* Alternate Picking Technique

* Legato Technique

* Arpeggio Technique

* Music Theory

* Intervals

* Warm-up Exercises

* Technique Building Exercises

* Guitar Licks

* Chord Theory

* String Skipping

* Notes of the Guitar Neck

* Jam Tracks

* Developing Good Practice Habits

* Major Chords

* Minor Chords

* Dominant Seventh Chords

* Minor Seventh Chords

* Major Seventh Chords

* Diminished Chords

* Augmented Chords

* 9th Chords

* 11th Chords

* 13th Chords

* Blues Scales and Modes

* Major Scales and Modes

* Natural Minor Scales

* Harmonic Minor Scales and Modes

* Melodic Minor Scales

* Pentatonic Major Scales

* Whole-Tone Scales

* Exotic Scales

* Octatonic Scales

* Major Arpeggios and Inversions

* Minor Arpeggios and Inversions

* Diminished Arpeggios

* Augmented Arpeggios

* Major Seventh Arpeggios

* Dominant Seventh Arpeggios

* Minor Seventh Arpeggios

* Diminished Seventh Arpeggios

* Augmented Seventh Arpeggios

* Minor Seventh Flat-Five Arpeggios

* Dominant 9th Arpeggios

* Minor 9th Arpeggios

* Dominant 11th Arpeggios

* Minor 11th Arpeggios

* Dominant 13th Arpeggios

* Minor 13th Arpeggios

* One-Octave Arpeggios

* Two-Octave Arpeggios

* Three-Octave Arpeggios

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