Unconventional Wisdom: Stories Beyond The Mind To Awaken The Heart

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Looking for success, truth, and happiness in all the wrong places? Unlock the wisdom of five incredible minds to transform your life.

Your daily life is a repetitive and never-ending slog that you feel like you’re to repeat over and over again. It’s time for a wake-up call in the form of unconventional wisdom from five landmark mentors.

Multi-passionista Stacy Nelson helps people throw out old formulas and invest in what they truly love. Highly sought after mentor and third generation healer Marilyn Rodriguez is a coach to the stars. Executive coach Karen Davis facilitates leadership workshops for Fortune 500 companies. Restaurateur and life transformation strategist Amir Karkouti is a master of neuro-success strategies. Force of nature Mark Silverman has generated over $90 million in sales during a 15-year-career at Fast Moving.

Unconventional Wisdom is a collaboration between five authors who want you to break away from the expected and live from your highest self. By openly sharing their personal insights on 12 different topics, you’ll learn unorthodox best practices related to power, relationships, passion, service, and much, much more.

Through this collection of stories, lessons, and soul ponderings, you’ll find countless insights that will change everything. If you like stimulating, nurturing, and brilliant anthologies that inspire you to take action, then you’ll love this incredible collection.

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