Dark Under the Cover of Night (The Kingdom of the East Angles Book 1)

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A king’s daughter, the son of his sworn enemy – and a reckoning…

The year is 624 AD and Raedwyn, the fiery daughter of Raedwald King of the East Angles, has just been married to a man old enough to be her father. It is a political alliance and on her wedding night, Raedwyn realizes with disappointment that theirs will be a loveless marriage.

However, fate has other plans for Raedwyn the Fair.

Outlaws ambush her new husband’s party on their journey back to his long ship and Raedwyn finds herself captive of a bitter, vengeful warrior – Ceolwulf the Exiled. Ceolwulf has a score to settle with King Raedwald and Raedwyn is his bargaining tool.

Caelin, Ceolwulf’s enigmatic son, follows his father on his quest for revenge. Fiercely loyal to her own father, Raedwyn isn’t prepared for her wild attraction to Caelin – or for its consequences.

Theirs is a passion that could tear a kingdom apart…

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