Wake Up! Break Rules!: It’s Time To Man Up & Live Your Destined Life

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Are you tired of doing all the “right” things and still struggling for fulfillment in your stereotypically successful life?

Business consultant and speaker Charlene Gilman was fed up with it too. So, after years of working in the financial services industry, the corporate consultant chased her bliss and shifted her focus to coaching others in the most vital aspects of life. Gilman, using her personal experiences and those of her clients as a firm foundation, details the steps to evaluating your lifestyle for how it empowers your ideals—or not. She dives into cornerstones of a satisfying life:

  • Career
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Community
  • Recreation
  • Hope

For added insight, Gilman consults psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Felicia Williams, mind-body-health expert Laura Stout, financial expert Trevor Mickelson, and relationship expert Marci Graham of the Human Awareness Institute.

Wake Up! Break Rules! includes instructions and worksheets to help you

  • change your habits and mind-set for good;
  • train your mind to remove doubt and fear;
  • build satisfying personal, family, and career relationships;
  • nurture your relationship with yourself;
  • develop emotional intelligence;
  • release your inner struggle; and
  • analyze your routines and move into a state of constant development.

Dive in, and chase your destiny!

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