What is Love?

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A love triangle with an astonishing twist.

Samantha Miller has scored one of the wealthiest men in New York, Jonathan Horvath II. The only thing keeping her from having all that money and glamour is his devoted wife of forty years, Ellen Horvath.

When Ellen discovers her husband’s betrayal, she will do anything to save her forty year marriage and maintain her position in New York society. If he could just remember the love they shared, when he loved her more than life itself, she could win him back.

For Samantha, getting him to forget his boring wife was easy. Too easy. Until his wife woke up and decided to fight for him. But Samantha always gets whatever she wants and defeating a frumpy, uptight wife was no problem. Or so she thought. Samantha soon finds herself in over her head and Ellen finds herself in a situation far worse than she could have imagined. The only way to win his love and destroy Samantha is through deception and sacrificing her values.

Samantha plans her own vengeance and they soon discover that destroying each other comes with a cost that neither can escape. The two women become trapped in their own web of lies.

Unable to see the truth and afraid to face the harsh reality, the big question that no dares ask is—what is love?

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