Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor: Choices That Can Save Your Life

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The most important single ingredient to health is what we put in our mouth. A second important ingredient is what we put into our brain. This book will be positive for both! It has excellent information on nutrition as seen here by Dr. Clive McCay…

“Every modern specialist in nutrition whose life is dedicated to human welfare must be impressed in four respects by the writings and leadership of Ellen G.


“In the first place, her basic concepts about the relation between diet an health have been verified to an unusual degree by scientific advances of the past decades…

“In the second place, everyone who attempts to teach nutrition can hardly conceive of a leadership such as that of Mrs. White that was able to induce a substantial number of people to improve their diets.

“In the third place, one can only speculate about the large number sufferers during the past century which could have had improved health if they had only

accepted the teachings of Mrs.White.

“Finally, one can wonder how to make her teachings more widely known to benefit the overcrowded earth that seems inevitable tomorrow unless the present rate of increase of the world’s population is decreased.

“In spite of the fact that the works of Mrs. White were written long before the advent of modern scientific nutrition, no better overall guide is available today.”

Clive McCay, Ph.D.

Professor of Nutrition

Then came Pritikin in the 70’s with his diet to reverse heart disease, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

Then came Colin Campbell and his China Study, and more recently the Rave Diet. ALL of these have much in common to show how most disease are reversible if we know how.

But in some cases, a person can be allergic to a food, like executives I examined who found that sugar, cheese or meat bothered their joints.

I discovered that bread, pasta and pastry gave me headaches. Welcome to a discussion of how foods can kill you, but not as fast as prescription drugs if you go that route! Here’s a deeper look at Hippocrates–“Let your food be your medicine!”

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