Wild Violet

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“Wild Violet” is a western set in Texas just four years after the Civil War.

Violet Corntassel leaves her home in southwest Missouri to meet her long-time fiancé and childhood sweetheart, Cyrus Morgan, in the ragged cow-town of San Angelo.

Going on nothing but gut-instinct and her own wits she makes it to a town called Mustang Ridge located in central Texas. There she runs into trouble—big trouble—by the name of Jasper Smith. A young cowboy named Billy Colton intercedes when Smith tries to assault her. The two make it out alive, but barely. Soon they are being pursued by the wealthy and powerful Smith clan. Billy insists on accompanying her to San Angelo, although unaware of her true purpose. Violet reluctantly agrees to the make-shift partnership.

Billy and Violet must work together for their mutual survival as they travel across the great expanse of Texas.

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