Without You (Changing Hearts Series Book 1)

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Ariana can’t wait for life after high school…

Ariana is ready to finally graduate and get a new start at the University of Georgia. But she never expects to meet someone as perfect as Lucas at the beginning of senior year.

But she doesn’t realize how much she might be leaving behind.

Lucas is everything Ariana could have ever wanted in a guy, but he can’t be a part of Ariana’s new start, not when his family needs him at home.

Or that her dreams might be out of reach anyway…

To make matters worse, Ariana’s not sure she can afford to go to UGA herself.

Or if she’ll be able to get in.

Ariana will have to choose…

Because she knows she can’t have it all.

Ariana quickly realizes Lucas’s ex would love to see her gone, but she’s ready to fight for what they have.

But at what price?

Will she have to live with the regret of giving up on her dream school? Or will she sacrifice the guy that’s captured her heart?

A Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Please note: this book is intended for readers aged 14+ due to some cursing/sexual situations.

Previously published as Unending Love.

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