Write Your Book in 4 Weeks: NO MORE FEAR

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Award Winning Publisher Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Essence Magazine Best Selling Author, Tiphani Montgomery combined their 15 years of experience in the publishing industry to bring you Write Your Book in 4 Weeks…No MORE FEAR. After hearing the many excuses aspiring authors gave them during their sessions in The Best Sellers Project, a school for aspiring writers and publishers, these two powerhouses decided to pen a quick guide that will have soon-to-be authors writing 3,000 words or more per day.

Azarel and Tiphani share visions, secrets, and personal stories that will inspire you and have you committed to writing daily . You’ll learn:

– How to block out any form of Writers’ Block.

– How to write an outline that will lead you to a best seller.

– How to determine the genre of your book.

– How to increase your hourly (and daily) word count. A real, practical plan. One that you can start on immediately.

– The secrets to developing a daily writing habit that other authors don’t talk about enough.

– How to write a winning synopsis.

This is for serious authors, both beginner and advanced, who want to produce a book this year! For Free Publishing Classes- register at www.thebestsellersproject.com

This is the Kindle version of Write Your Book in 4 Weeks: NO MORE FEAR that you can also download and read on your computer and mobile phone. Kindle books are DRM protected and therefore, unlike ebooks that are in PDF or ePUB format, you cannot read this ebook without the official Kindle apps.