Yoga Astonishing Benefits of Bikram Yoga: A Genuine Authentic Guide to Bikram Yoga (HowTo Easily And Quickly Save Your Life Book 4)

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Book #4 in series. Yoga Astonishing Benefits Of Yoga. How To Yoga Books.

Internationally acclaimed Hatha yoga master “Bikram Choudhury” is the founder and current president of Bikram’s Yoga College of India. At the age of five, Bikram had already started learning Hatha yoga poses with “Bishnu Ghosh”, brother of yogi and Guru “Paramhansa Yogananda”. Later on, Bikram proceeded to study in Calcutta and graduated from Ghosh’s College of Physical Education and the Yoga Cure Institute in 1965. There he received his diploma in yoga training. Astonishing Benefits.

However, a bout with misfortune happened to Bikram when he was seventeen, in the form of a tragic knee injury because of a weightlifting accident. Although expert European doctors told him that he would never walk again, the young and determined Bikram refused to accept their prediction. Instead, he asked to be brought back to his Alma matter, believing that his teacher—Bishnu Ghosh, would know exactly how to heal his knee. True enough, Bikram’s knee was completely rehabilitated in only half a year. This miraculous breakthrough has been scientifically documented by Ghosh himself, and would serve as one of the initial proofs that Yoga can heal the body and specifically cure severe physical ailments. Genuine Authentic Guide. Unlocking all the Benefits.

Inspired and motivated by this development, Ghosh asked his protégé to spread the benefits of Yoga therapy not only in the country, but around the world as well. After the success of planting several schools in India, Bikram then travelled to Japan to open two more schools there. While in Japan, Bikram teamed up with other medical experts for a research project in Tokyo University. Their goal was to gather and present evidence that Hatha yoga Asanas are vital in terms of preventing chronic and degenerative diseases. Astonishing Genuine Benefits.

Two years later in 1972, following a successful healing of then President Richard Nixon, Bikram received an honorary invitation to immigrate to the United States. Accepting the offer, Bikram’s first school opened its doors in the warm, tropical state of Hawaii. Since then, Bikram has been a renowned genius in his field, spearheading expansions of Bikram Yoga Schools all over the globe.

The Bikram Yoga Class is appropriate for all ages and expertise, regardless of experience. In the series, there are a total of 26 postures or asanas and two breathing exercises or pranayamas. Each posture is designed to complement each other, as they stretch and strengthen the necessary joints, ligaments, and muscles that become important in preparing for the next posture.

It’s a whole body experience with the Bikram method, as you will feel simulated from the inside out. The asanas and pranayamas will stimulate not only the muscles, but the body organs as well. Your glands and nerves will get a boost too; doing the exercises also manages to move new oxygenated blood throughout the body. The end result would be a rejuvenated and reenergized body—all of this made possible in just 90 minutes. Benefits Of Yoga.

The Bikram Yoga Class is designed to deliver a holistic approach to your health. Knowing that it aims to make the body stronger and healthier, chances of preventing illness is higher. What’s even better is that it also battles the signs and effects of aging. You can also expect lower levels of stress and improved mental clarity, as doing these exercises requires a combination of concentration, determination, patience, and self-control.

What’s a notable characteristic about the Bikram method is that it is practiced in a room with high temperature. This is to warm the muscles and prevent injuries, as the heat paves the way for a more intense workout. The temperature also helps to cleanse the body by flushing out those toxins.

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